Monday, November 8, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We Want To Be At Biketoberfest

We managed to populate the Hawthorne Bridge 100th party with some salty sweetness and even found ourselves parked over Portland's fantastic Willamette torturing the Groove Bomb's merrymakers with our signature intoxicating caramelizing sugar aroma. That was fun. Pictures?

Then Josh sorted out one of our great city's nasty hills on Fremont and 30 something to get to the Fremont Fest and dished out the goodness all day long. Due to popular demand we also introduced the personal size bag for folks who are practicing moderation and just ate dinner.

Coming up this weekend we have some wicked events. On Friday, August 13 we will be Downtown at the North Park Blocks for the Portland Twilight Criterion. Thats gonna be a fun bike oriented event. The kind of stuff were into. Looking forward to a festive crowd as well. Then on Saturday, August 14 were gonna load up the trailer and head down to Tualatin for the Tualatin Crawfish Festival, Yee Haw! Hoping for some high quality family fun, good eats and live music.

What is more, we are super keen to be a part of the Biketoberfest event happening at Hopworks on August 28, another super fab Portland summer time bicycle leaning extravaganza that is just screaming for some pedal powered kettle corn because as Josh always likes to say, "Nothing goes better with kettle corn than beer, except for a nice kiss from your sweetie." Awe, thanks Josh, that was adorable.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

MSF and the Final Game

Catch us at the Mississippi street fair Today!!!

Here's what we have been up to lately. We finished painting nice logos on the cart so for the time being it is finished! (thanks to our generous neighbor Bram for help). we Sweated out the first really hot day of summer at the WTF bike swap meet (See the pictures) and since I was jealous that Eric was in Africa for world cup I flew to the Netherlands (hup Holland HUP). You'll know to find me in front of a big screen somewhere on Sunday. If you have a special world cup party planned the only thing that would make it better is to hire a sexy self contained pedal-motive kettle corn tricycle with a vuvuzela toting Holland fan. Seriously. call me.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

We are in action!

Here are some pics from the end of the build. We got a great rainbow right at the end of fabrication.

Then we went to paint.
Did you know that if you spray paint
in a small room you will get paint everywhere?
We learned that lesson, but luckily the paint turned out excellent.
Thanks to Julia for letting us use her garage and so sorry for all the hassle. So the primer coat went on gingerly with the overspray drying in mid air and dusting the ground with easily swept rust color. Only real side effects was Josh getting super loopy from the noxious fumes. Eric seemed more or less accustomed to the toxins. Then we pulled out the bid bad super red Rustoleum enamel paint thinking it would behave just like the primer. We were in a super focused zone. It was getting late. We were drinking lots of High Life. We went through a good five cans of paint and it wasn't till the end when we began to notice some issues. Josh had fiery red streaks by his nostrils and a crimson glow over the rest of his head, he looked like Hell Boy. Eric's big blond fro had turned bright orange like Ronald McDonald. But who cares? We finished the paint job. It only took us all day.

Sensing danger Eric packed up and took off under the cover of darkness to a far off land. Poor Josh was stuck with the mess. He actually had to repaint the door and acid wash the concrete floor to clean our mess. But he did it! He saved the garage and preserved some ounce of favor with the lovely miss Julia. Way to go Josh

Tom at WTF Bikes hooked up our brakes and Eric is off to the World Cup in South Africa.

So in the mean time I finished the paneling...

and took it out for Last Thursday on Alberta.
Check out our first customers. They are so happy to get all that great sugar salt and fat, mmmm. Actually it was a tough day. Four batches were mysteriously burned by the bad business gods. And our highly technical and amazing electronic switch activated auto mixer forged in Josh's back yard had a melt down. We are going to have to find Pasteur Ted from the holy Bike Temple and perform some awkward rituals full of smoky herbs and colorfully somatic language. Then well be back and better than ever. Ain't nothin gonna slow us down!

Currently the kettle is getting a make over as I stain and seal the panels and add some signage.

Monday, May 24, 2010

a whirlwind week

wow things have been happening quickly heres a synopsis of the last few days.
Thursday it rained buckets. We added fenders and reinforced the frame to take out some of the flex. Our kettle finally showed up at about seven in the evening.

Friday we thought we would be able to finish the metal work, but there were a lot of details to nail down. Tim our host built an awesome sign for himself and we fired our first batch of kettle corn(with an improvised stirring paddle). Doesn't it look good?

Saturday we did it!the frame is complete and we are popping excellent corn. next to paint.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In which we try a test ride

The build went great today. Eric worked out the headtube placement while Josh converted the bike to accept a three-piece crank. Got all the wheels on for an unpowered test ride. The maneuverability of this behemoth is surprisingly manageable. Watch out for the custom flourish on the frame chop, what's life without a little danger right? Our kettle arrives tomorrow so we will be finalizing the placement of the components and finishing up all of our welding. Thanks again to Tim, Jeremy and Autumn!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It Has Begun


Josh n' Eric here. Today we began building, in the flesh, our ambitious dream to bring pedal powered kettle corn to Portland. We have noticed that this delicious salty sweet treat is sorely underrepresented in our glorious city. We have therefore taken it upon ourselves, in all our underemployed glory, to manifest the most magnificent pedal powered kettle corning contraption we could possibly assemble.

Starting May 27th (that's Last Thursday) we will be filling the summertime air with our irresistible aromas. Find us everywhere from splendid crawfish festivals to boozy nights downtown and street fairs galore. You can keep up with us on twitter if you find yourself needing a fix.

Here are some photos from our first two fantastical days of building The Pedal Kettle. Look, we even made a 3D model in Sketch Up. This thing is gonna be for reals. Tons of sweet and fluffy thanks to our shop host, Tim, creator of the PDXbot, and Autumn, the actual owner of the garage in NE where we are working. Hopefully we will be done in a week. We shall see.