Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It Has Begun


Josh n' Eric here. Today we began building, in the flesh, our ambitious dream to bring pedal powered kettle corn to Portland. We have noticed that this delicious salty sweet treat is sorely underrepresented in our glorious city. We have therefore taken it upon ourselves, in all our underemployed glory, to manifest the most magnificent pedal powered kettle corning contraption we could possibly assemble.

Starting May 27th (that's Last Thursday) we will be filling the summertime air with our irresistible aromas. Find us everywhere from splendid crawfish festivals to boozy nights downtown and street fairs galore. You can keep up with us on twitter if you find yourself needing a fix.

Here are some photos from our first two fantastical days of building The Pedal Kettle. Look, we even made a 3D model in Sketch Up. This thing is gonna be for reals. Tons of sweet and fluffy thanks to our shop host, Tim, creator of the PDXbot, and Autumn, the actual owner of the garage in NE where we are working. Hopefully we will be done in a week. We shall see.

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