Saturday, June 5, 2010

We are in action!

Here are some pics from the end of the build. We got a great rainbow right at the end of fabrication.

Then we went to paint.
Did you know that if you spray paint
in a small room you will get paint everywhere?
We learned that lesson, but luckily the paint turned out excellent.
Thanks to Julia for letting us use her garage and so sorry for all the hassle. So the primer coat went on gingerly with the overspray drying in mid air and dusting the ground with easily swept rust color. Only real side effects was Josh getting super loopy from the noxious fumes. Eric seemed more or less accustomed to the toxins. Then we pulled out the bid bad super red Rustoleum enamel paint thinking it would behave just like the primer. We were in a super focused zone. It was getting late. We were drinking lots of High Life. We went through a good five cans of paint and it wasn't till the end when we began to notice some issues. Josh had fiery red streaks by his nostrils and a crimson glow over the rest of his head, he looked like Hell Boy. Eric's big blond fro had turned bright orange like Ronald McDonald. But who cares? We finished the paint job. It only took us all day.

Sensing danger Eric packed up and took off under the cover of darkness to a far off land. Poor Josh was stuck with the mess. He actually had to repaint the door and acid wash the concrete floor to clean our mess. But he did it! He saved the garage and preserved some ounce of favor with the lovely miss Julia. Way to go Josh

Tom at WTF Bikes hooked up our brakes and Eric is off to the World Cup in South Africa.

So in the mean time I finished the paneling...

and took it out for Last Thursday on Alberta.
Check out our first customers. They are so happy to get all that great sugar salt and fat, mmmm. Actually it was a tough day. Four batches were mysteriously burned by the bad business gods. And our highly technical and amazing electronic switch activated auto mixer forged in Josh's back yard had a melt down. We are going to have to find Pasteur Ted from the holy Bike Temple and perform some awkward rituals full of smoky herbs and colorfully somatic language. Then well be back and better than ever. Ain't nothin gonna slow us down!

Currently the kettle is getting a make over as I stain and seal the panels and add some signage.

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